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INDEL 2012

Dejan Research is pleased to announce that our expansion efforts are now targeting Serbia and Balkans. We’re sending a delegate to the first event in the region for this year, INDEL 2012 and have also decided to sponsor the event. Our head office has offered limited funding for regional events to assist branding and networking with science, [...]

Australian Network on Disability

Dejan Research is a proud supporter of Australian Network on Disability: Dejan SEO is Australia’s most advanced online marketing company featuring innovative technical and creative solutions for both SME and corporate sector. Our mission is to make great information accessible and easy to find, this is why we have introduced a “Random Acts of SEO” [...]


Dejan Research is a proud supporter of eResearch Australia Conference. Dejan Research is an R&D unit of Australia’s most creative online marketing agency, Dejan SEO. Our primary objective is to enable users to find information online and we work hard on development of new tools and methodologies to achieve just that. Our work is recognised [...]


Dejan Research is a proud supporter of SPLASH 2012. We are a R&D division of Australia’s most creative online marketing agency. We have six locations in Australia and Europe with head office based in Brisbane’s prestige technology precinct – Brisbane Technology Park. Our work is heavily based on data, metrics, testing and experimentation. Much of our [...]

Does Google Plus Pass the Safety Test for Online Educational Interaction?

With the internet social media landscape morphing faster than a Bumblebee transformer, many questions arise. What’s good? What’s bad? What’s on the way out and maybe far more importantly what is the SAFE option? Social media has changed the perspective of online interaction forever. With the introduction of Google’s social media platform, this perspective shifts [...]

The EMBO Meeting 2012

EARLY REGISTRATION & ABSTRACT SUBMISSION: 12 JUNE 2012 ON-LINE REGISTRATION: 4 SEPTEMBER 2012 UPDATE: Late abstract deadline 12 August 14:00 CEST (Berlin) SUBMIT ABSTRACT | REGISTER Detailed information about EMBO meeting 2012 EMBO stands for, the European Molecular Biology Organization. The 2012 EMBO meeting is a conference which will bring together different scientists from all [...]

What is Google Coordinate?

Google Coordinate is a field management app that allows companies of any size to efficiently manage mobile workers who are out in the field. With Coordinate, managers, dispatchers and bosses may edit a worker’s job list when and as the need strikes, so that there is no unnecessary driving time for one worker if another [...]

Using Wolfram Alpha in the Classroom

Educators in need of an accurate online source for learning and teaching can find an aid in Wolfram Alpha, a computational database engine that powers searches on mathematics, science and a host of facts on everything from population figures to politicians. Wolfram Alpha’s goal is to make verified information available to Internet users. In addition, [...]

Online Educa

Dejan Research team of the Brisbane Technology Park is pleased to announce our support to Online Educa Berlin 2012. One of our main missions is advancement of search and learning through technology with primary focus on search engines, techniques and related tools. Our development team, funded by Dejan SEO, has already released a number of search [...]