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ANAT April Digest

Message from the CEO Echology got off to a tremendous start with the stage one seminars happening in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The interest in the concepts presented has been deep and we look forward to stage two and three across 2012 and 2013. If you missed it, the good people at the Edge recorded [...]

Data Visualisation Software

There are different types of data visualisation software available for free download or online use. This article covers some of these tools. ArcGIS Explorer Online This rich client is useful in handling ArcGIS maps online. Its features include Support for creation and execution of parameterised and pre-defined queries, using editing feature services to mark up [...]

Google Art Project Overview

The Google Art Project is an effort to bring some of the world’s great art museums into the homes of web users everywhere and allow them to get closer to fantastic artwork than they ever could before. Over 150 museums have teamed up with Google to put high-resolution scans of pieces from their collections online [...]

Google-AP Scholarship Recipients

Last year, Google announced the inception of a joint scholarship effort between itself and the Associated Press, known now as the AP-Google Journalism & Technology Scholarship. Recently, the inaugural award recipients were announced on Google’s blog. Each student will receive $20,000 to study in areas related to journalism, media technology and computer science. The award [...]

Publication Metrics Update on Google Scholar

Google has released a service that allows professionals in a given field to quickly and easily determine the popularity of various journals and conferences within their field of expertise. Known as Google Scholar Metrics, the service allows a user to specify a search term, such as “surgery,” and receive a ranking of the publications with [...]

The Role of Search Engines in Advancement of Education

Read any science fiction story written between 1950 and 1980 and find flying cars, interstellar vehicles equipped with near the speed of light engines, ability to fold space and of course robots. A contemporary reader may be entertained at first but will soon bump into some disappointingly short-sighted concepts such as printed newspapers and books, [...]