Is Enegry The Money Of The Future?

Every passing day, new worries emerge on the issue of sustainability of our environment. There has been a deepening economic crisis especially in terms of inequalities and we continue to deplete our natural resources, degrade the environment and cause a total systemic crisis. Nikola Tesla was a physicist who may have lived beyond his time. But he foresaw the situation the world is in today.

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 All his inventions were geared towards a more sustainable yet developed world. At the time, most people did not really put into consideration the things he said. However, as the economic and social crisis deepens in the world, there has been an increasing need to resolve some of these issues. It was this notion that gave birth to the Tesla conferences.

The conferences are held annually in different cities of the world. The conferences carry the ideology of Nikola Tesla of providing electricity for everyone. In place of electricity however, the conferences aim to collect and disseminate information to all people in all levels of society. When people are informed, they will have an easier time going through this difficult time in the evolution of the society.

On the other hand Dejan research focuses on advancement of research on web based technologies. As the changes in technology continue to take place, it is important to make sure that all people and especially educators are well equipped with the current trends, Dejan research aims to help people find reliable information on the web, do cross conferencing, update and verify information in real time.

All this is very helpful to the aims and objectives of the Tesla conference. The Tesla conference and Dejan research partnership will ensure that the information that is relayed to the masses is reliable and verifiable. This way, Tesla conferences will be more beneficial to people all over the world.


Is Enegry The Money Of The Future?

The answer on this question will be given on the First International Social Transformation Conference that will take place on 10th – 12th July 2012 in the City of Split, Croatia.

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The Conference is going to be the largest event in Europe devoted to alternative monetary models. Around 150 delegates and speakers, among whom prominent scholars, scientists and economists, will gather to discuss the fundamentals of monetary system and propose sustainable monetary models.

The current economic crisis has renewed interest in the need for global monetary reform. Only after the fundamental causes of systemic economic failures are eliminated will evolution towards a sustainable and socially just global economy become feasible. But how should the monetary system be reformed? What should new money be like, what purposes should it meet and what functions should it perform?

The ultimate aim of the First International Social Transformation Conference on Energy Currency is to place the study of alternative monetary systems within mainstream economic thinking and put global monetary reform onto the political agenda. Distinguishing features of the conference are its emphasis on discussion and adopting a multidisciplinary approach. The organizers hope this event to become a major international platform for dialogue between specialists representing very different backgrounds and perspectives, yet united by a common vision of the necessity and possibility of better currency models.

The main focus of the conference will be the relationship between the dynamics of financial and energy flows and the feasibility of an energy-backed international currency.


However, all kinds of alternative currency models will be debated with equal interest and attention. The organizers commit to use their networks of influence and media support to ensure that the proceedings of the conference reach the highest political authorities, primarily – the European Commission and a number of national financial ministries.

Many prominent keynote speakers such as Ivo Slaus, Richard Andreas Werner, Michael Hudson, Mark T. Brown, Christian Arnsperger, Hazel Henderson, Ellen Brown, Margrit Kennedy, Shann Turnbull, Sgouris Sgouridis, Tony Greenham, Josh Ryan-Collins, Pat Conaty, Ludwig Schuster, Marusa Vasconcelos Freire, Jeff Eisen will deliver their speeches concerning possible future ways of economic and social development of the World.

Hares Youssef, the Founder of the 40 Foundation and Andelka Viskovic, Deputy Major of the City of Split will address the audience with greeting words.

The event will take place at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Split (Matice hrvatske 31, Split, Croatia).

You will have a great opportunity to observe the Conference online on the official website The broadcasting is powered by Hubbub - The Talking Social Network.



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