The EMBO Meeting 2012


UPDATE: Late abstract deadline 12 August 14:00 CEST (Berlin)



Detailed information about EMBO meeting 2012

EMBO stands for, the European Molecular Biology Organization. The 2012 EMBO meeting is a conference which will bring together different scientists from all over Europe. Members will be brought up to date with what is happening in the molecular life sciences.

This year’s EMGO meeting will be held from the 22-25 of September and will be hosted in Nice, the fifth most populated city in France. Various exhibitors and supporters are welcome on board this prestigious event to help make it successful. Sponsors help in covering some of the expenses incurred during the conference and will in return get opportunities to showcase their work. A well sponsored event ensures that the registration fee is lowered and opens doors to more people who may not otherwise come.

The management of this event gives all its participants equal opportunities. Therefore as long as you have submitted your forms, which are available online, you will be assured of a positive experience in the meeting. This year’s meeting will include speeches on chromatin and chromosomes but will also include lectures on what really happens between the moment life is created and when it is taken away in form of death.

At this event, the participants will be spoilt for choice as there will be 20 other sessions available, some which may not necessarily relate to science. Symposia and different types of exhibits as well as a special session to give awards and prizes to some of the best exhibitors in Europe will be included.

One of the main objectives of EMBO is to make certain that various scientists come to one place and discuss matters to do with science. In normal circumstances, these people may never have come together but this conference creates an opportunity for them to meet. Organisers are expecting around 1500 participants at this years event.

The symposia is aimed at creating networks between the scientists in Europe. Since one of the objectives of EMBO is to offer help to European scientists, the symposiums come in handy to make this come to life. Once you are sure that you will be attending the meeting, the next important thing to do is to look for a convenient place to stay at.

During registration you will need to indicate if you need hotel booking to be done for you. However you are free to stay in a hotel of your choise. There are specific hotels which have discounted prices for conference members. Some of them are Kyriad Nice Port, Campanile Nice Center, Hotel Massena and NH Nice. It is possible that other hotels may take advantage of the meeting and announce discounted prices targeting the conference members. It will be up to you to choose from the available hotel which suits your budget. However, you do not have to necesserily stay in Nice; you can stay in areas around the city.

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