What is Google Coordinate?

Google Coordinate is a field management app that allows companies of any size to efficiently manage mobile workers who are out in the field. With Coordinate, managers, dispatchers and bosses may edit a worker’s job list when and as the need strikes, so that there is no unnecessary driving time for one worker if another is closer to an emerging situation.

google coordinate

Google Coordinate has both web and mobile apps, with two sides to it that allow for communication both to and from the field. Workers can share real time location information and can update information or add notes on individual jobs, letting those at home base know how the individual job is progressing. This feature eliminates the need for paper and the chances of information being lost.

The dispatcher is capable of adding jobs to any worker’s job queue with precise location data and any relevant information the worker needs to know. Along with this, workers can be organized into teams along any criteria needed by the company, such as a shared area of operation or a different skill set for a different kind of job. Dispatchers can also access the job and location history of each worker, so that reviews and adjustments to deployment plans can be fully informed decisions.

Custom points of interest can be added and categorized, allowing for the map to always display areas of importance such as warehouses, the base of operations, areas to avoid, and more.

Google has designed Coordinate to be easy to use, so everything generally takes only a few clicks to accomplish. Coordinate has also been designed to allow large corporations to add Google’s service to their existing solutions while smaller companies can use it ‘off the shelf,’ making it flexible and able to meet the needs of any sized company.

Google Coordinate is a field management application designed to be used companies of any size over any sized field of operation, so whether it is pizza deliveries across a town or truck drivers driving across the Continent it is a useful service to have.


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